Education Lookup to Check Your CE Credits

Find Your Education Credits

Find your EDUCATION CREDITS for courses taken AND PASSED through Illinois REALTORS® for the current license period here.


Only Illinois REALTORS®-sponsored courses will appear on the results view.

The number of hours showing on your license history may not accurately reflect what you have completed towards your next renewal if you had a late renewal from the previous cycle.

  • If you are a Broker (475 prefix), CE completed from 5/1/16 through 4/30/18 will count towards the 4/30/18 renewal.
  • Newly licensed Brokers (475 prefix) who were licensed after 2/1/18 will not be required to complete Post or CE for the 2018 renewal. See CE Requirement Matrix for details.
  • If you are a Managing Broker (471 prefix), CE completed from 5/1/17 through 4/30/19 will count towards the 4/30/19 renewal.

DISCLAIMER: The Illinois REALTORS® (visit web site) provides this information for Illinois REALTORS® sponsored courses only. While every effort has been expended to ensure the integrity of this information, Illinois REALTORS® cannot assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided.
It should be noted that it requires up to 30 days from the date a licensee has taken the course before it is posted on this site. If your records do not match the records maintained on this site, you should contact Illinois REALTORS®. Each licensee is responsible for maintaining the "Certificate of Completion" for each course taken. The "Certificate of Completion" is the proof required in the event a licensee is audited by the Department of Financial & Professional Regulations.