Illinois REALTORS® Transaction Helpline

Illinois REALTORS® Announces

New Transaction Helpline For Members

New Service Will Be In Addition To The Legal Hotline

The Illinois REALTORS® has officially announced the operation of the new Transaction Helpline for its members. The Helpline – a dedicated phone and email support resource for members – was established in late July of this year and is now available to all managing brokers.

Illinois REALTORS® Transaction Helpline – Jeffrey T. Baker

The goal of the Helpline is to provide members with a resource for those questions or issues that typically arise out of or are related to the agreement to sell or purchase real estate. Jeffrey T. Baker, an attorney with Sorling Northrup whose practice is focused on corporate and real estate transactions, will be the primary attorney in charge of responding to inquiries. The Helpline will operate similarly to the Legal Hotline that members are already familiar with.

If you put aside issues related to licensing requirements, broker disclosure requirements, or ethical dilemmas, there is still a lot of legal ground to cover in a real estate transaction. The Helpline will be an additional, valuable resource for members to assist them with questions related to their purchase contracts, riders or addendums, and the law governing real estate transactions.

Helpline Contact Information: (844) 647-3833;

About Jeffrey T. Baker. A graduate of University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Mr. Baker received his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. He is licensed in both Illinois and Massachusetts and has been practicing with the law firm Sorling Northrup since 2010 where he focuses primarily on business advising, corporate transactions, and residential and commercial real estate.

Illinois REALTORS® Legal Hotline – Betsy Urbance

The Hotline will continue as a valuable resource to members whose questions or issues are related to licensing, agency, brokerage agreements, or the NAR Code of Ethics.

In addition to the various contracts and rules governing real estate transactions, members must also always be aware of their professional obligations as licensees and as REALTORS®. Betsy Urbance, also an attorney with Sorling Northrup, continues to handle the Legal Hotline, educating and providing legal information to members as she has for nearly 20 years. During that time, Betsy has answered thousands of calls and will continue to be the primary attorney in charge of responding to Hotline questions related to the state’s licensing act, ethical questions,  standards of practice, and broker or agent agreements.

Hotline Contact Information: (800) 952-0578 or (217) 529-2600;

About Betsy Urbance. Betsy is a graduate of Western Illinois University and received her law degree from the University of Missouri School of Law. She is licensed in both Illinois and Missouri.