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The Illinois REALTORS® Rookie Toolkit provides resources for you and your clients to help get you through your first year in real estate and beyond.

CE courses | Consumer brochures | Legal resources and disclosures


Study Up

IAR REALTOR Store - shop.illinoisrealtor.org*Broker Licensees Renewal Deadline: April 30, 2016

New broker licensees are required to complete 30 hours of post license training prior to their first license renewal. Find out what you need to know now that the deadline has passed.

Learn more about your CE requirements options including the Illinois REALTORS® state-approved "paperless" CE, home study and classroom courses.



Inform Clients & Prospects

Getting It Sold - Your Resource for Staging Curb Appeal and Selling Success! - This brochure is an informative resource to help consumers prepare their home for sale with tips on curb appeal, staging, showing, and updating a home for selling success. Give it to your seller clients. FREE of charge courtesy of RVOICE.
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Homeownership: Understanding What You Can Afford, Mortgages, and Closing Costs - This brochure is a guide to help a buyer determine whether they can qualify and be approved for a mortgage loan to purchase a home. Use this with your buyer clients to be an information resource. FREE of charge courtesy of RVOICE.
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Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Understanding the Law Requiring Installation - This is a helpful resource for your buyers and sellers explaining the Illinois law detailing the requirements for homeowners, landlords and tenants. FREE of charge courtesy of RVOICE.
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More free brochures for your clients, courtesy of RVOICE. RVOICE is the name of the Illinois REALTORS® Advocacy Program established in 2006 to ensure that the interests of REALTORS® and property owners are well represented before state and local governments throughout Illinois. Learn more www.illinoisrealtor.org/rvoice.


Know The Law

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License Law Manual - Full text of the Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000 (225 ILCS 454) and Administrative Rules.

Get your manual from the Illinois REALTORS® Store

Download the Act | Download the Rules

Legal Questions?
Check out Illinois REALTORS® member exclusive Legal Webinars, Q&As in the Illinois REALTORS® online Legal Center

The Consumer's Guide to Real Estate Agency in Illinois Brochure - This brochure discusses agency relationships in the real estate transaction and in accordance with the Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000. While providing insight to the law, it supplies the consumer with various options in the selling and buying of real estate. The brochure is educational for Illinois brokers or can be given to your clients.

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Seller Disclosure Brochure - This brochure provides information to real estate agents and the general public about Illinois’ seller disclosure law.

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Federal Lead Paint Pamphlet - This pamphlet provides information on lead-based paint hazards and will bring you and your clients into compliance with the federal law.

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Radon Testing Guidelines Pamphlet - Information on radon testing guidelines for real estate transactions, from the IEMA Division of Nuclear Safety. This pamphlet is required by the seller, before a buyer will become bound on a contract to purchase real estate.

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Understand fair housing guidelines, Illinois License Law and the Illinois Human Rights Act so you can educate your customers and clients on the basics of fair housing regulations.


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