30-hour post license broker renewal Q & A

Are you a new broker? Here's a quick guide to help you understand what's required. 

Q - If I am a newly licensed broker and required to take the 30-hour post license requirement, must I also complete continuing education?

A - No. The 30-hour post license requirement is the only education you will need for your first renewal cycle.  All subsequent renewals will require continuing education.




CE OPTIONS 30-HOUR POST: You can take the 15-Hour Broker Post License Topics Home Study Course PLUS an IAR 15-Hour Broker Post License Applied Real Estate Practices Interactive Webinar or the classroom interactive option (link to classroom options here.). BONUS! If you take all of your 30 hour post-license through IAR you get Course I credit toward the Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI) designation.

Q - I just passed the Broker state exam administered by Applied Measurement Professionals.  Do I need to take the 30 hour post licensing requirement prior to April 30, 2014?

A – No.  The post license and continuing education requirements do not begin until you are actually
licensed with IDFPR as a Broker.  If you have applied for your license and it
shows a license date prior to February 1, 2014 then you would need to successfully complete the 30-hour post-license course prior to the April 30, 2014 renewal.  On the other hand, if you receive your broker’s license after February 1, 2014, the license will likely show that your first renewal date will be 
April 30, 2016, in which case you will need to successfully complete the
30-hour post-license course before that date.

Q - I already completed some CE hours for this renewal and just learned 
that I need the 30-hour post license hours.  Will these CE hours apply or
carry over to the next cycle.

A - No.  Unfortunately, any CE hours earned in a previous cycle will not carry
over to the next cycle and cannot be applied to the post license requirement.

Q - I am a new broker and will complete the 30-hour post license requirement.  Is there another state exam required after that course?

A - No.  The exam for your 30-hour post license course will be administered by your education provider who will upload your results to the State of Illinois.

Q - Should I attach my completion certificates for the 30-hour post license education to my renewal?

A - No.  You are not required to send proof of education credits in with your renewal, but should keep them in a safe place in case of an audit.

Q - I am a newly licensed reciprocal Broker.  Do I need to complete the 30-hour post-license education?

A – Yes.  Since this is your first license as a Broker in Illinois, you would be required to comply with the same provisions as any other Broker licensed by examination in Illinois pursuant to Section 5-50 (b) of the Real Estate License Act. An Individual whose first license is that of a broker received after April 30, 2011, must provide evidence of having completed 30-hours of post-license education and passed an examination approved by the IDFPR prior to the first renewal of their broker’s license.