REALTORS® Show Their Strength in Springfield

Illinois REALTOR® Magazine | July 2013

REALTORS® Show Their

Strength in Springfield

By Julie Sullivan  | Assistant Director, Legislative and Political Affairs

Hundreds of Illinois REALTORS® were out in force in Springfield to lobby for private property rights and the real estate industry at the 37th annual IAR Capitol Conference and the Illinois Housing Leaders Conference.   

Some of the top legislative issues on their agenda this year:

  • Block a bill that would allow county recorders to review and decide which documents can be recorded.
  • Fight a bill that would allow local tax assessors to file tax liens and penalties against a homeowner who erroneously receives a homestead exemption, even if the violation was unintentional.
  • Continue to oppose legislation that would give non-home-rule units authority to impose landlord licensing and “crime-free housing” measures.
  • Remind legislators of the important issue of property taxes and how they affect consumers and property owners.