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Illinois REALTOR® Magazine | April 2013

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snapshot of marketstats reportsIARMarketStats enhances the way IAR reports data to its members and public

As part of a commitment to providing the most timely, accurate data to its members, IAR has partnered with 10K Research and Marketing, to provide additional Illinois housing information on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

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The program works with 21 different multiple listing services to compile the data each month. Through the redesigned IARMarketStats members-only Web portal you’ll find:

  1. Reports to help you quickly learn how the housing market is moving in an easier-to-read format for the state, Chicago area, city of Chicago and county
  2. A clickable state map for easy access to county data
  3. A sortable online database which lets you drill down to see data for any county in the state and sort the data by key categories
  4. Additional data fields, including inventory and time on market

“Foreclosures continue to dampen price gains and reduce inventory levels as prospective sellers are wary of the effect these properties have on their own prospects. However, the sales volumes are impressive and with foreclosure sales continuing to outpace new additions, there is some expectation that over the next year, prices might start to move upward in some sustained fashion.”

- Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, Ph.D., Director, Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL), University of Illinois - February 2013 Housing Price Forecast


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April 2013

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IAR continues to provide members with housing price forecasts by the University of Illinois Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL), talking points updated monthly, historical data (2006-2013) and media coverage of housing-related issues. IARMarketStats - Members Only