U.S. a top destination for international relocation


Business globalization is making the U.S. one of the top relocation destinations in the world, said Dianne Amos, CRP, GMS, vice president of client services with RELO Direct Inc.

That means real estate professionals interested in working with clients relocating from another country should clearly signal on their websites that they offer services targeted for this group.

“Put credentials on your website so people understand the services and expertise you can provide,” Amos said. “A casual glance at your website should immediately signal that this is service you can provide.”

Relocations can be permanent, several years or even just a few months, Amos said. No matter what the time parameters,there are many services to get clients to a new location, get permits, housing and cross-cultural training.

A growing trend for companies is to send employees oversees for just a few months.

"Companies think this is saving them a lot of money,” Amos said. “What I think companies are finding is that the cost of sending people on rotational business in that short of time is more of a challenge than anticipated.”

Amos suggested a business strategy for REALTORS® looking to tap into this market is to offer services that extend beyond a real estate transaction. Transferred employees need help navigating the DMV and getting domestic paperwork handled.  Partnering with a relocation company can be a good strategy since everyone is working toward the same goals, she said.