DeKalb housing task force weighs landlords' concerns


A task force is reviewing a draft ordinance that could force rental property owners to register and pay as much as a $75 annual  fee. 

The Dekalb Safe/Quality Housing group met Tuesday to discuss the proposal, which in addition to registration would potentially result in fines or poperty liens for landlords who have disorderly or nuisance tenants. (Daily Chronicle)

According to the article:

Some landlords expressed frustration that the task force’s proposed ideas would make landlords responsible for a tenant’s bad behavior but not give them power to address those problems; others said the required registration should not come with annual fees.

At the meeting was Kristen Jungles, an Illinois Association of REALTORS® government affairs director who is working with the DeKalb Area Rental Association and area REALTORS®. She said a move by the task force to slow down the process of drafting an ordinance was encouraging.