Illinois REALTORS® Staff

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  • Gary L. Clayton, CAE, RCE, Chief Executive Officer (bio)
  • Luke Bell, RCE, Executive Vice President
  • Kathy Franke, Executive Secretary

Member and Association Engagement

  • Ann Londrigan, CAE, RCE, Vice President, Member and Association Engagement
  • Gideon Blustein, Member Outreach Manager and Local Governmental Affairs Director
  • Christy Broccardo-Grove, Digital Media Manager
  • Kim Buscher, RPAC Fundraising Manager
  • Debbie House, Senior Member Care Specialist
  • Kelli Jessup, Digital Content & Marketing Specialist
  • Jenny Rich, Marketing Specialist
  • Jackie Rocco, Member Care Specialist
  • Vanessa Wiseman, RPAC Fundraising Specialist


  • Jon Broadbooks, Vice President, Communications (bio)
  • David Hine, Graphic Designer
  • Bill Kozar, Content Marketing Specialist
  • Scott Moomaw, Digital Media Specialist
  • Stephanie Sievers, Senior Editor, Illinois REALTOR® magazine

Governmental Affairs

  • Greg St. Aubin, Senior Vice President, Governmental Affairs (bio)
  • Julie Sullivan, Director of Legislative and Political Affairs
  • Sharon Gorrell, MPPA, CIPS, Advisor, Housing, Global Business and Diversity
  • Neil Malone, Manager of Grassroots and Political Programs
  • Michelle McAnarney, Program Coordinator, Governmental Affairs
  • Mike Scobey, Director of Local Advocacy and Global Programs
  • Local Governmental Affairs Directors/Local Associations covered

Information Technology

  • Matthew Brewer, Vice President, Information Technology
  • Kristina Beatty, SystemsTechnician
  • Ralph Carbonell, Systems Technician
  • Ed Scott, Software Engineer

Legal Services

  • Betsy Urbance, General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Services (bio)
  • Jeffrey T. Baker, Associate General Counsel and Director of Legal Services

Professional Development

  • Kristen Butcher, CMP, Vice President, Professional Development (bio)
  • Carrie Elliott, REALTOR® Education Manager
  • Lyndee Fein, Meeting and Events Manager
  • Dana Gurnsey, Expo & Education Assistant
  • Maddy St. Aubin, Intern
  • Dawn Tebrinke, Marketing Specialist
  • Christi Walden, Education Specialist
  • Aniya Lathan, Education Specialist


  • Len Taylor, Vice President, Operations
  • Gary Bailey, Assistant Business Manager
  • Chris Barnes, Accounting/Operations Associate
  • Dalton Cordier, Business Manager
  • Chelsea Domescik, Membership Records Assistant
  • Cathy Madaus, Director of Operations
  • Brandi Moore, Accounting/Operations Assistant
  • Roger Oxby, Membership Records Manager
  • Scott Sacco, Senior Accountant/HR Manager


  • Laurie Clayton, Foundation Manager of the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF) -

Ethics and Professional Standards

  • Rebecca Carraher, Director of Ethics and Professional Standards