Leadership Liaison Duties and Responsibilities

IAR Leadership Liaisons

ORGANIZATION: On an annual basis the Leadership Committee shall appoint Leadership Liaisons. Any local association or member may submit to the Leadership Committee by June 1, its or their recommendation for the position of Leadership Liaison. The Leadership Committee is not limited by the names submitted and may appoint a person of its own choice, provided said candidate is a REALTOR or REALTOR – Associate member of a member board/association.

DUTIES: The general duties and responsibilities of the Leadership Liaison may include: performing ceremonial activities on behalf of IAR at local associations, providing communication on behalf of IAR and between IAR and the local associations, liaison to committees, involvement and assistance in RPAC fundraising, leadership recruitment, and attendance at designated IAR events.

The Leadership Liaisons shall be voting members of the Executive Committee for the administrative year of their appointment. Each Leadership Liaison is required to attend an annual retreat and an IAR pre-business meeting briefing.

The Leadership Committee, on an annual basis, may assign the Leadership Liaisons to specific local associations; however, the Leadership Committee may make further assignments on a specific need or issue basis.


  • IAR Business Meetings: The Leadership Liaison shall attend the IAR business meetings. At each business meeting the Leadership Liaison Committee will meet with the Leadership Committee; be expected to facilitate roundtable discussions at the Board Leadership Forum; and present issues, motions and information at the Member/Director Forum, Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • IAR Leadership Committee Outreach: The Leadership Liaison may assist the Leadership Committee in its annual Leadership Committee outreach to local association leadership and association executives.
  • NAR Business Meetings: It is recommended that the Leadership Liaisons attend the NAR Midyear Meetings during their term.

TERM: The Leadership Liaison appointment is for the administrative year. The Leadership Liaison may serve more than one consecutive term.

SUGGESTED QUALIFICATIONS AND LIMITATIONS: The Leadership Liaison shall have broad leadership experience from his/her board/association; IAR committee experience; other REALTOR, civic and governmental activity and experience as would indicate leadership ability and potential; pledge to spend the time and effort to serve in the position to the best of his/her ability; and shall not serve in the same year that they hold elective office in a local board/ association.

REMOVAL: A Leadership Liaison may be removed by the Leadership Committee for failure to carry out the duties of the position.

REIMBURSEMENT: The Leadership Liaison will be reimbursed for their hotel room at business and outreach meetings, a daily meal per diem during business meetings, mileage and the cost of tickets necessary to attend local installation banquets and other functions. The Finance Committee shall on an annual basis set the rate of reimbursement. Also the Leadership Liaisons will be reimbursed at the same rate as NAR Directors for attending the NAR Midyear Meetings.