What People Are Saying

The REALTOR® Institute of Illinois provides an educational program which is second to none in the real estate industry.

  • "I love everything about GRI! The lifelong relationships I made with attendees all around the state has allowed my referral network to grow & reap incredible success. The updated and time sensitive materials continue to be useful AFTER now 16 years. The incredible amount of information and impressions are worth every penny." - Matt Silver, Chicago
  • "GRI courses have relevant content and the speakers/course instructors are top-notch. Obtaining CE credits are an added bonus. I have benefited from the networking at GRI and have established & maintained wonderful relationships with fellow REALTORS® from all across the state. Part of the fun is reuniting with with everyone. I recommend earning the designation to all agents - whether new to the business or not. GRI designees are knowledgeable and can provide the most up to date information and services to clients." - Melissa Stevenson, Peoria
  • "The classes have been top notch and I really enjoy going back each year for Grad. It's a great time to renew friendships and network." - Phil Chiles, Springfield
  • "The information I received from GRI built my confidence and provided me with the tools and skills to successfully build my business. Now I take the GRI Grad courses to hone those skills, network and gather up to date information that continues to benefit my career. I would recommend it to any agent no matter what level they are at." - Aaron Miller, Morton
  • "When I became a REALTOR® it was clear that those with a designation were more successful and in class I learned why. I was able to better serve my clients & learned valuable tax advice that has more than paid for my GRI classes and lodging. But most importantly, I've made great connections and friendships which helped me not only survive but thrive in the down market." - Karen Robertson, Plainfield
  • "GRI is an excellent combination of information on issues and regulations currently influencing the industry, along with new ideas and resources to use. It is also a great opportunity to network and pick up necessary CE credits. Each year has been a valuable experience, which I look forward to continuing in Graduate GRI." - Chris Diana, Champaign
Chris Diana
  • "I get to keep up on the current trends of the real estate industry while enjoying friendships from across the state, and it makes me a better REALTOR." - Diane Hammon, Sycamore
Diane Hammon
  • "GRI designation should be the first thing a REALTOR does after getting their license. The information gained is invaluable and the tools that are presented will greatly improve the chances of success as a REALTOR." Chris Dixon, Breese

Chris Dixon

  • "The GRI program is great for advanced ideas on improving your business. It is also a wonderful way to meet others in Illinois in other markets so that we can improve referrals. There are so many things to learn and/or maybe just to have a refresher course on (which can be needed). By offering ce credits also, it is very worthwhile." - Cherylene Peterson, Barrington

Cheryl Peterson

  • "The greatest things about GRI are the ability to network with others from all over the state and to make acquaintances that i hope will turn into friends over the next few years. GRI has the ability for you to understand the real estate market, not only in your area, but throughout the state, which only enhances your ability to understand your own market more completely." - Linda Wheaton, Brighton

Linda Wheaton

REALTORS® with the GRI designation:

  • Earned a median of $49,300 while those without the designation earned a median income of $26,900. A difference of $22,400.(Source: 2011 NAR Member Profile)

  • Reported increases in referrals the first year after they obtained their designation. 

  • Are better able to serve and protect their increasingly sophisticated clients because of their understanding of new technology, laws, and procedures

GRI is the only REALTOR® designation that does not require a payment of an annual renewal fee! Continuing education credits are included in all Institute courses, including the Graduate Course.