Illinois Managing Broker License Requirements

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How to get your managing broker license in Illinois

A Managing Broker license is required for all licensees who wish to sponsor themselves and/or other licensees. 

To qualify for an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker's license in the State of Illinois you must be at least 21 years old, have an active valid Illinois real estate broker license, have had an active real estate license for two (2) of the past three (3) years, and successfully complete the required coursework and pass the state licensing exam.

STEP 1Complete 165 Hours of Pre-License Education (Required)

The Managing Broker license is only available to applicants who have held a real estate broker license for two out of the last three years.

If you have a broker license and meet the two out of three year requirement, it is assumed you have completed the 120 Broker pre-license requirement and you will only be required to take an additional 45 hours to include a 30-hour course, Managing Broker Pre-license Topics and a 15-hour Managing Broker Pre-license Applied Management and Supervision Interactive course.

Applicants who have never held a license will first have to  complete the 90-hour Broker license requirement and the 30 hours of post-license education and follow with the 45-hour Managing  Broker requirement. Such applicants would need to also meet the two out of three year requirement before being able to apply for a Managing Broker license.

The Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center offers many choices for state-approved managing broker coursework:

STEP 2Take the Course Exams

The State of Illinois requires a proctored exam for each course. Students may take the proctored exams at the approved proctor location of their choice. After scheduling the exam with the proctor location, the student should contact Illinois REALTORS® at 217-529-2600 to have the exam sent to their preferred proctor location. Proctor locations |  Proctored Exam FAQs

STEP 3Take the State Licensure Exam

The state licensure exam is administered by Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) Once your completion dates are entered you may register for your state exam. (Click on "Candidates" and then select the real estate examination you are prepared to complete.) You must first be registered as a student before you can take the state exam. To register with AMP, go to the VIP Portal tab and select "student user." From there you will be able to register as a new student and obtain your AMP student ID number. When you have completed your course, Illinois REALTORS® will enter your completion date enabling you to register for the state exam.

STEP 4Apply for Your License

Apply for your license and pay the appropriate fee for the license to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.


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STEP 6Continuing Education

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Managing Broker licensees must successfully complete 12 hours of CE (6 core & 6 elective) 
on or before 4/30/19. The 12 hours should include one (1) Core A and one (1) Core B and two electives.


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