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Ethics Citation Program Complaint
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The Illinois REALTORS® Ethics Citation Program is limited to specific violations of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Other ethics complaints which fall outside of the articles listed below should be handled through the regular complaint process. Please read the sections of the Code below and make sure your submission meets one of the criteria.  If you have questions, you may call the Citation hotline at (217) 529-2600.
If you wish to remain anonymous, only complete the fields on the form with the red asterisk (*).
Article 1
  • Accessing or using listed or managed property on terms or conditions other than those authorized by the owner or seller (SOP 1-16) $1,000
Article 3
  • Failure to disclose existence of dual or variable rate commissions (SOP 3-4). $500
  • Failure to disclose existence of accepted offers to any broker seeking cooperation (SOP 3-6). $250
  • Providing access to listed property on terms other than those established by the owner or the listing broker (SOP 3-9). $1,000
Article 4
  • Failure to provide written disclosure of REALTOR'S® interest in property being bought or sold, or the interest of any member of their immediate family, their firm or any member thereof or any entity in which they have an ownership interest; failure to disclose in writing ownership or interest to purchaser or the purchaser’s representative. $500
Article 5
  • Providing professional service without disclosing present or contemplated interest in property unless such interest is specifically disclosed to all affected parties. $500
Article 6
  • Accepting any commission, rebate or profit on expenditures without client’s knowledge or consent. $500
Article 12
  • Failure to present a true picture in real estate communication, marketing and advertising. $250
  • Failure to disclose status as a real estate professional in advertising, marketing and other real estate communications. $250
  • Failure to disclose potential compensation or benefit received from a third party for services provided free to a client (SOP 12-2). $250
  • Advertising or offering to sell/lease property without authority of owner or owner’s authorized agent (SOP 12-4). $500
  • Failure to disclose name of real estate firm in advertising in a readily apparent manner (SOP 12-5). $250
  • Failure to disclose status of both owner/landlord and REALTOR® or licensee when advertising unlisted property in which Realtor® or licensee has ownership interest (SOP 12-6). $500
  • Falsely claiming to have “sold” property (SOP 12-7). $250
  • Failure to disclose on a website the firm’s name and state of licensure in a reasonable and readily apparent manner (SOP 12-9). $250
  • Failure to present a true picture in advertising and representations to the public including Internet content posted and the URLs and domain names used. (SOP 12-10). $250
  • Registration or use of deceptive URL or domain name (SOP 12-12). $500
  • Representing that the REALTOR® has a designation, certification or other credential that the Realtor® is not legitimately entitled to use (SOP 12-13). $500
Article 14
  • Failure to cooperate in any professional standards proceeding or investigation. $500
Article 16 
  • Use of terms of an offer to modify listing broker’s offer of compensation (SOP 16-16). $500
  • Placement of for sale/lease sign on property without permission of seller/ landlord (SOP 16-19). $250


Illinois REALTORS®

You may file anonymously. If you do so, the Ethics Citation Panel will be unable to share the outcome of the complaint with you or ask follow-up questions. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Please note that all information entered onto this form along with any attachments will be shared with the respondent, if a citation is issued. 

I understand that I am submitting information that is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that this complaint is filed within 180 days after the alleged offense and facts relating to it could have been known or after the conclusion of the transaction or event, whichever is later.

I understand by submitting this form that should the Ethics Citation Panel dismiss this ethics complaint in part or in total, that I have twenty (20) days from my receipt of the dismissal notice to appeal the dismissal to the Board of Directors, provided the complaint is not filed anonymously.


When submitting a complaint please be as precise as possible.  Include all pertinent information and dates so the Ethics Citation Panel has a clear understanding of the complaint.  

If you wish to remain anonymous, only complete the fields with the red asterisk (*).

Name of the person alleged to have violated ethics standards.
Please cite article number from list above.
Important note
Please submit as much proof as possible to convince the Ethics Citation Panel that a violation has occurred. The panel's decision is based solely on the information/documentation received with this complaint.
Provide details of the complaint.
You may submit up to three attachments.