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REALTOR® Advocacy at the Local Level: ‘Crime-Free’ Housing Proposals Warrant Scrutiny

Illinois REALTOR® Magazine | October 2014

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October 2014

Two New Brochures from RVOICE 

RVOICE has created two new industry brochures for you to share with your clients: 

Requirements for Septic Systems Owners
This brochure explains recent changes to the Private Sewage Disposal Code and how these changes affect property owners served by a septic system.  You’ll also find a summary of changes regarding maintenance and record-keeping requirements for septic system owners.
Commercial Real Estate Broker Liens 
This brochure provides basic information on this state law which gives real estate brokers the right to a lien on commercial real estate to secure fees and commissions due to them.

The Growing Business of Going Green

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October 2014

Green Certifications 

The complexities of monitoring, gathering data and analyzing the data for energy efficiency require time and research. Here are Green certifications and programs to consider:


Energy Star, an EPA program that helps businesses with energy efficiency, provides a cash-flow calculator to dispel financial concerns. (

IAR Makes Changes to Enhance Professionalism in Industry

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October 2014


Resolving disputes

When someone has a disagreement with an Illinois REALTOR® and can’t work it out, IAR can help.
  • Consumer Help Line – buyers or sellers
  • Professional Standards Hotline – IAR members
  • Only involving cases with REALTORS®
  • Ombudspersons answer questions, facilitate dialogue
  • 24-hour response
  • Reports kept confidential

Polishing Your Negotiating Skills

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October 2014

12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

In its online Negotiation Tool Kit, NAR gives these simple tips that agents can use to master the art of negotiating:
1. Learn everything you can about the situation, the issues and the participants.
2. Understand all the participants’ needs and interests.
3. Set reasonable goals for what you hope to achieve during the negotiation and rank them by priority.
4. Work within a range that includes minimums, targets and maximums.
5. Anticipate the other parties’ comments and prepare your responses.
6. Remain calm, pleasant and unflappable.
7. Build trust by clearly stating what your client wants and respecting what the other parties want.
8. Create an atmosphere of joint problem solving that focuses on the benefits to all parties.
9. Remain flexible and open to a range of options.
10.When other people speak, listen attentively and hear them out fully.
11. Use sympathetic comments, gestures and facial expressions to smooth over difficult situations.
12. Always underpromise and overdeliver.

What Does it Take to Succeed in Real Estate?

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October 2014


Set the Stage for Success with Your Next Listing Presentation

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October 2014

Six Tips for Your Next
Listing Presentation

1. Find out how your client wants to interact with you and then use that method. Maybe they prefer a phone call over an email or would like to see the presentation on paper as well as in a multimedia format. 
2. Know your market and your knowledge base. You may be licensed in Illinois, but your local market or niche is the one you know best. 
3. Be over-prepared going into the presentation. Consumers are savvy, have done their research and will be able to tell if you haven’t done yours. Don’t give them a reason to find another REALTOR® for the job.
4. Be able to talk about yourself and your company. Different companies have different business models. Be able to explain why you have affiliated with yours and what you can do for them.
5. Focus on the client to build a connection. Really listen to your client and talk to them about what they want and expect. It helps you build a connection and level of trust so that you can comfortably talk about the details such as pricing, etc.
6. Finally, be yourself. It will help you build a rapport with the sellers. 

Four More Tips Before You
Walk in the Door

In an IAR webinar, “The Listing Presentation that Works Every Time,” real estate trainer Greg Herder, of Hobbs/Herder Advertising, shared some strategies that you may not have thought of before:
1. When a client initially calls to make a listing appointment, don’t appear overeager as it can undermine your credibility.
2. Send a pre-listing packet or letter with information about you and your company.
3. When calling to confirm the listing appointment, don’t make the call yourself. If you don’t have an assistant, have another agent in your office call.
4. The presentation starts when you pull up in your car. Don’t sit inside shuffling papers and getting ready. Get out and walk in front of the house to show that you are taking in the neighborhood.

2015 Managing Broker License Renewal

Everything you need to know about the April 30 Managing Broker license renewal


Weekly 9-16-14

REALTORS® and Illinois' Medical Marijuana Law   

Illinois is now one of more than 20 states that has legalized marijuana for medical use. While Illinois communities wrestle with the complexities of the new state law, you can learn more about what it could mean for real estate brokers, leasing agents and others in the industry. In the latest issue of D.R.

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Weekly 9-23-14

Video: What's Ahead for the Illinois Housing Market   

Consumer confidence in the economy is building but tight housing inventories will likely continue in the coming months as conservative sellers stay on the sidelines, says Dr. Geoffrey Hewings in a new IAR video.

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Vote on Nov. 4


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The Illinois REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) provides both direct contributions to pro-REALTOR® candidates as well as grassroots “Opportunity Races” where we reach out specifically to REALTOR® members in support of candidates for office. Who gets RPAC support is determined by REALTORS® who vet the candidates for their pro-business, pro-private property rights, low tax, pro-growth position on issues that affect the business of real estate.