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Weekly 4-12-16

Illinois REALTORS® Monitor

29 Proposed Bills in Springfield

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Community Leaders

In celebration of our association's 100th anniversary in 2016, we recognize the community leadership qualities of our members through this collection of their volunteer service stories. They initially appeared in the llinois REALTORS®' blog. #MemberMondays

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Video: Happy Birthday Illinois REALTORS!


January Issue

Illinois REALTOR®'s January 2016 edition features the story of how a group of real estate visionaries helped start an organization that has pushed for professionalism and training and changed the landscape of private property rights in Illinois.

April Issue

Illinois REALTOR®'s April 2016 edition explains the importance of advocacy in the growth and influence of the association, with the development of RPAC, local Governmental Affairs Director program, the State Legislative Contract (SLC) program and more.

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Weekly 4-6-16

Illinois REALTORS® Celebrate Lobby Day

It was another successful Capitol Conference on Tuesday with more than 500 REALTORS® from around the state converging in Springfield to advocate for real estate and private property rights.

Weekly 3-29-16

Illinois REALTORS® celebrate 100-year history; launch new name, introduce new executive vice president

FOR RELEASE: April 4, 2016

For Further Information Contact: Jon Broadbooks, 217-529-2600

Bell named executive vice president for Illinois REALTORS®

FOR RELEASE: April 4, 2016

For Further Information Contact: Jon Broadbooks, 217-529-2600

Quick Takes: Profile of Illinois Buyers and Sellers

Illinois REALTOR® Magazine | April 2016

Weekly 3-22-16

Illinois REALTORS® Market

State at MIPIM 2016

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A Look Back at Capitol Conference 'REALTOR® Lobby Day'

By Stephanie Sievers
The annual Capitol Conference “REALTOR® Lobby Day” is a prime example of the association’s  grassroots political advocacy in action. 
The first Capitol Conference was held in 1977 and though the format has evolved over the years, the mission is the same: give Illinois REALTORS® a chance to meet with state legislators and

Advocacy protects REALTORS® from cloud, transfer taxes

Illinois REALTOR® Magazine | April 2016

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