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A career in real estate offers unlimited earning potential and variety. 

No two days are ever the same in the life of a real estate professional. Multiple disciplines converge in the practice of real estate: communications, marketing, geography, economics, finance, sociology, political science, art and law.

As a real estate professional, you can help people buy, sell and lease property, relocate, and sell or develop land. Helping people is what rea estate professionals so. Many are usually actively involved in their communities, making neighborhoods safer, friendlier and better.

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Real Estate License Requirements: Broker vs. Managing Broker

As a real estate “selling” broker you are affiliated with a sponsoring broker. Brokers may make sales presentations, identify suitable properties, conduct open house tours, identify sources of financing and coordinate the sales or rental transaction. However, brokers affiliated with a sponsoring broker may do so only on behalf of that one sponsoring broker.

With more courses and upon passing an additional exam, you can become a real estate managing broker. As a managing broker you could manage the company that engages in property sales or rentals and have the opportunity to employ other brokers. As with many other professions, education and licensing are required.

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Continuing Education

Illinois mandates continuing education (CE) for its licensees.  Licensees must complete and pass CE courses at the rate of six hours per year every two years in order to maintain their licenses. These courses keep real estate professionals current on ­topics such as ethics, agency, legal issues, license law, antitrust and finance. The state-approved Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center has classroom, online and home study options available to complete your CE training. 

Broker License

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Managing Broker License

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managing broker license


Since 2000, the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF) has awarded scholarships to help students and Illinois real estate professionals fulfill their educational dreams and pursue their career in the real estate industry. To learn more about scholarships available call 866-854-7333 or download an application at

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