Power of R: Storm Relief

Show tornado victims you care

A message from Phil Chiles

IAR's president asks REALTORS® to help the victims of the November tornado outbreak. 

Communities are in tatters, but Illinois REALTORS® have swung into action to help their colleagues and neighbors with recovery after a swarm of tornadoes Nov. 17.

Already, thousands of dollars have been raised, and more is on the way.

For those who have donated, thanks. And if you want to help, here's a list of options. We'll be updating as more information becomes available.

How you can help

1. IAR is partnering with the national REALTORS® Relief Foundation. The foundation provides housing-related relief and 100 percent of donations go to disaster relief. The link to donate is here

2. IAR has an agreement with another 501c3 organization which allows us to provide charitable aid. The aid can be used for disaster relief that extends beyond just basic housing costs. You can donate here
3. Below are some of the associations with aid efforts underway. You can reach out to these organizations with monetary donations or donations of gift cards.

Download the application for aid

IAR is partnering with the REALTOR® Relief Foundation to provide housing assistance for those affecte by the November tornadoes. To learn more about the program an to download the form, go here

Thanks to those who have donated

Here's a list of REALTOR® associations which have pledged money to help with tornado recovery.

  • The Illini Valley board of directors approved donating $1,000 in gift cards to the Peoria Association of REALTORS and $500 in gift cards to the Three Rivers Association.  
  • The Rockford Area REALTORS® doanted $1,500 to to the Peoria Association of REALTORS® to help with tornado relief. 
  • The Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® has donated $7,500 in gift cards to three REALTOR® associations providing aid to storm victims in their areas.
  • The Oak Park Area Association of REALTORS® board approved a $1,500 donation. Members have raised an additional $3,500 for the cause. 
  • The Egyptian Board of REALTORS® has established a disaster relief fund of $3,000 and is taking donations here
  • REALTOR® Association of Southwestern Illinois has collected $2,200 for storm relief. 
  • Greater Gateway Association of REALTORS® has given $4,000.
  • REALTOR® Association of Fox Valley, $2,500.
  • REALTOR® Association of Northernwestern Illinois will donate $500 in supplies.
  • Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® has sent several truckloads of supplies to affected areas.
  • The Chicago Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors approved $5,000 in relief through the REALTOR® Relief Fund. The association’s education foundation approved $1,000 for relief efforts by the Peoria Association of REALTORS®, and another $1,000 will go to other areas of the state hit by the storms.
  •  The Capitol Area Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors voted Tuesday to donate $5,000 to disaster relief. The association os also taking donations of supplies needed for affected communities.
  • The Bloomington-Normal Association of REALTORS® is partnering with a local radio station to get the word out that donations can be made at the organization’s office. The association is holding a drive for supplies and funds to help victims. Information is here. The association's board has approved a $2,500 donation to help with relief.
  • The Champaign County Association of REALTORS® is coordinating a database of available rental properties for areas that may have limited access to temporary housing. The association is also collecting supplies for delivery in several communities that are in the association’s area.
  • Midwest Real Estate Data has sent an email to nearly 40,000 people in its database and other contacts seeking donations. The West Central Association of REALTORS® is soliciting donations from its members. The MLS has donated $25,000 for storm relief.
  • The Peoria Association of REALTORS® has set up a online site to collect money. In just two days 107 people (as of Tuesday night) had donated to help their neighbors.
  • Champaign County Association of REALTORS® has already raised $500 and additional money is expected. The association is collecting supplies and water to take to the affected areas.
  • The Illinois Association of REALTORS® has made an initial donation of $7,500. More aid is expected.


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Download REALTOR Relief Grant 

REALTOR® Relief Foundation form here; fill out for consideration for housing assistance. 

Download IAR's Foundation aid application

IAR is accepting donations that can be used for storm recovery and can go toward costs other than the housing assistance provided for under the REALTOR® Relief Foundation. The IAR effort has limited funds, but the form can be found here.

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Use the  #PowerofR Twitter hashtag to tell how you're helping Illinoisans recover. 

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