DR Legal News: How Candidates are Selected for IE Support

How Candidates Are Selected for REALTOR® I.E. Support

    by Mike Scobey, Assistant Director, RVoice and Local Advocacy

    On April 4, municipal elections will be taking place across Illinois. The Illinois REALTORS® will once again be involved in these by supporting REALTOR®-friendly candidates. This is an important political activity because so much that happens at the local government level affects our industry (building codes, “point-of-sale” requirements, regulations imposed on rental properties, to name a few examples).

    A significant way that we provide support to candidates is through our Independent Expenditure (IE) program. This enables us to communicate directly with likely voters about the candidates we support and the reasons to vote for them. This is dubbed an "Independent Expenditure" because it must be independent of the candidates’ campaigns; no coordination can take place.

    In this cycle, Illinois REALTORS® will be providing this kind of support to over 20 local candidates.

    Illinois REALTORS® has become a leader nationally in the level of support we give in both local and state elections. We have conducted IEs that have included direct mail and online advertising. The main purpose of this political activity is to make sure that that REALTOR® champions are elected to local and state legislative offices in Illinois.

    IE Candidate Support

    So How Are Candidates Are Selected for I.E. Support?

    • REALTOR® volunteers for local association committees make recommendations on candidates to support.
    • Recommendations are sent to the Illinois REALTORS® Independent Expenditure (I.E.) Committee. This appointed group of REALTOR® volunteers make the final decision for support.

    Factors Considered

    • Past voting record of the candidate
    • Past issue support
    • Answers to candidate questionnaires
    • Competitiveness of the race
    • Whether the candidate is a REALTOR®
    • Analysis of the race prepared by the local Governmental Affairs Director (GAD)
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