Celebrating 100 Years

Illinois REALTORS® at 100: Ethics, Advocacy, Education and Excellence

The Illinois REALTORS® celebrates 100 years of Ethics, Advocacy and Education in 2016. 

Celebrate the moment

Illinois REALTORS® members wished the association a Happy Birthday in some very creative ways. See who participated in this video.  

Show your pride in being an Illinois REALTOR®

Illinois REALTOR®'s January 2016 edition features the story of how a group of real estate visionaries helped start an organization that has pushed for professionalism and training and changed the landscape of private property rights in Illinois.

  • See the coverage
  • Find resources to help celebrate at the bottom of this page.

Members making a difference throughout Illinois

Illinois REALTORS® devote thousands of hours to community service. In 2016, the association honors some of them who play a role in making the state a great place to live. See the full list of honorees here.

100th Anniversary Resources

Help IAR celebrate by showing your pride in an association that has played a pivotal role in shaping the real estate industry in Illinois. 

Social Media 

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100th Anniversary Logos
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Historical resources

See Illinois REALTORS® 100 years of history in these articles and graphics. 
Illinois REALTORS®: 100 Years in the Making
See how Illinois REALTORS® shaped the real estate business in its century of service, pushing for industry professionalism and quality. (Article)
Timeline shows
major events
A special multi-page timeline charts important moments in Illinois REALTORS® history from its inception.

Planning a local event?

Schedule the traveling Illinois REALTORS® Timeline Exhibit: info@illinoisrealtors.org
Committee guided

Committee Chair Pam Krieter helped guide the association's year-long celebration. (Article)


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